Exclusive wooden floors that we have made

By using natural materials in your interior you get a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere. A wooden floor is therefore a good and durable basis for any interior. We have our own production park, which gives us the opportunity to combine various treatments and exclusive wooden floors to produce to your liking. We only go for the best and our easy to maintain wooden floors will last a lifetime. Below you can see exclusive wooden floors that we have made.


(All our Cinzento Custom Made® floors have been treated in a unique way.)

Oak herringbone floor with border and wedge line

For this house we have produced a beautiful solid 6 mm oak herringbone floor that has been placed in the living room. The herringbone floor has a width of 140 mm and a length of 700 mm.  This herringbone floor is produced with single border and single wedge line.



In addition to the oak herringbone floor in the living room, the oak stair steps are also covered with Cinzento Custom Made®. They are covered with an oak rustic A/B plank. The steps are provided with a non-slip strip. This floor is FSC certified.


Are you curious about the possibilities of a Cinzento Custom Made® floor or staircase renovation? Please fill in the contact form here and we will be happy to help you


Brushed oak floor

Brushed oak floor This oak rustic A/B Dual Parquet® floor looks well with the mint green walls of this house. Besides the fact that this oak floor has a rustic A/B grading, the floor is also brushed as desired. Because this Cinzento Custom Made® floor is brushed, it emphasizes the natural character of the wood.


Because of the Cinzento Custom Made® program, the possibilities are endless. For example, the floor is also treated with an oil, in the colour Sky Grey, so that the floor is easy to maintain and this also protects the floor well against moisture.



In addition to the floor, the stair steps can also be covered with Cinzento Custom Made®. By covering the stairs steps with the same oak wood and treatment as the floor in the living room and hallway, it becomes a beautiful unity.


Are you curious about the possibilities of a Cinzento Custom Made® floor or staircase renovation? Please fill in the contact form here and we will be happy to help you!

Versailles Pattern floor in Food chain

For a Dutch catering company we have produced a beautiful versailles pattern floor. This oak pattern floor is made with panels of 1 square meter and is natural oiled. Besides this pattern floor there is also a 14 cm wide Dual plank oak natural oiled floor in the restaurant. This plank floor has a rustic A/B grading.


We were also able to deliver the covering of the ceiling. This ceiling is made of a rustic oak 18 cm wide plank and provides a beautiful finished result. 

3-layer massive oak and white oiled

The product has an oak top layer of 5 mm, a 10 mm oak middle layer and an oak backing of 5 mm. This results in an unique stability and makes it suitable for underfloor heating.


These extra large planks with a thickness of 20 mm, width of 300 mm and a length of 3.000 mm create a large feeling of space in this house. This floor has been white oiled, as desired, and to make this floor extra wear-resistant, it has been finished with a universal oil.


Plank floor stained and oiled

This 15/4 mm oak rustic A/B Cinzento Custom Made® floor is first applied in the reaction stain and then brushed as desired. Brushing removes undesirable unevenness and accentuates the authentic wood grain marks. The floor is then oiled according to the customer’s wishes, which also makes it easy to maintain.


Reaction stain

This floor is pre-treated with a reaction stain. This reaction stain causes a natural aging of the oak wood without releasing harmful or irritating fumes. This treatment in combination with colour oils makes it possible to create various creative effects without any loss of quality of the wood.


Herringbone smoked and white oiled

This floor and stairway are smoked and white oiled according to the customer's wishes. The smoking of oak is done by inducing a reaction with the tannic acid present in the wood. This reaction causes the wood to darken naturally. The fact that each board contains a different amount of tannic acid creates natural colour differences.


The floor is then oiled white as desired. The oil makes the floor durable and ensures that it is easy to maintain.


9 mm herringbone solid

This oak herringbone floor is planed and finished in the color Cinzento 50350. The floor has a robust appearance and will gain more and more character with time and intensive use.


Showroom floor 'VanJoost'


Joost opened a showroom in the center of Amsterdam in cooperation with Karven and LEFF Amsterdam, for which we supplied the floor.


This through and through black floor is the eye-catcher of the showroom. The finishing process places the emphasis on the authentic wood drawing of the wood, which stands out in the large space.


Food chain chooses Vintage floor

The floor that has been produced and delivered for this Dutch catering company, is our Vintage black filled extra rustic version. The customer has chosen for a strong two-component oxidative dried oil, which makes this floor resistant to intensive use and easy to maintain.


Herringbone 15 mm smoked

For this project we produced a 15 mm thick oak dual board. With our Cinzento Custom Made® program, we have completely produced this to the customer’s wishes. The chosen floor has a rustic A/B grading, is smoked as desired and we have white oiled it. This makes the floor wear-resistant and easy to maintain.


Plank floor sawn marked and color oiled

For this characteristic house we have produced a Cinzento Custom Made® floor with such sawn marks. A 15 mm Dual Parquet® oak rustic A/B floor was chosen. This we sawn marked as desired and is finished with a Cinzento Custom Made® color oil. The combination of sawn marks and colour oils can also be applied on our herringbone products.


Elegant herringbone floor 'Intense Black' version

This 10 mm mini dual is stained "Intense Black" on request and then oiled black. The result: a deep black herringbone floor with an elegant and chic appearance. 


Wood floors for the "Beurs van Berlage", Amsterdam

We have produced two exclusive wooden floors for the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam. The first floor was a Cinzento Custom Made® finished wooden floor that was double smoked, brushed and colour oiled as desired.


After the first floor, we were allowed to deliver a second wooden floor for the study room. This one was brushed and natural oiled. 


Sawn marks, smoked and color oiled

For this stylish apartment we have delivered a herringbone floor with sawn markes. We have chosen an oak 15 mm Dual Parquet®. This we sawn marked as desired, smoked and finished with a color oil. The combination of sawn marking, smoking and oiling can also be combined on a plank floor.


Rustic A/B wooden floor smoked white oiled

A very popular floor is the combination of smoking and white oil. Below you see a result of such a combination. By smoking the floor becomes a shade darker after which the authentic wood grain is highlighted by the white oil. This combination fits in almost every interior, which is also the reason that it is so often chosen.


Modern herringbone smoked white oiled

This modern herringbone floor is smoked and oiled white. By smoking, the floor got a lively greyness and forms a perfect base for the interior.


Custom Made stained grey planks

On request we have delivered this Cinzento Custom Made® finished floor. This rustic A/B oak dual plank is brushed, grey stained and then color oiled as desired. The result is an exclusive grey look, with the focus on the unique wood grain.


Robust herringbone core smoked and natural oiled

This floor in a hotel in London was core smoked and subsequently treated with a natural oil. This gives the floor a robust appearance, while remaining elegant due to the herringbone pattern. The treatment with natural oil makes the floor durable, which benefits heavy visitor traffic.