Is a wooden floor suitable for a bathroom?

Many different materials are used in the bathroom. Wooden floors were not part of this for a long time. Nowadays, wooden floors in bathrooms are becoming more and more popular. Not surprisingly, a wooden bathroom floor looks beautiful and adds a lot of atmosphere to the room. It immediately provides a warm, homely and luxurious appearance.

"New technologies have also made wood floors very suitable in humid environments."

New technologies

With today’s technologies, wood floors are also suitable in humid environments. Cinzento Custom Made® treats its wooden planks with two-component oil or with an air-dried varnish, which protects the floors against water.

Underfloor heating

People sometimes have the misconception that underfloor heating under a wooden floor is not possible. However, this is not the case. Wood can actually retain heat better than most other materials. This is why wood is particularly suitable. So if the customer wants underfloor heating in the bathroom, this can be done very well in combination with a wooden floor.