Maintaining your wooden floor

In addition to the Cinzento Custom Made® floors especially created for you, we also provide customized maintenance products. Our products are easy to apply and ensure the proper maintenance of your floor. 


We recommend cleaning your floor maximum once every fortnight with water and Cinzento Soap. On other days, the floor should only be dry-cleaned (vacuuming, swiffer, etc.). Daily cleaning with water and soap is not recommended. 


To clean the floor use maximum 50ml Cinzento Soap in 10 litres of water (this is a full bucket). Using too much soap creates a soft film on the floor, which will attract ever more dirt. That is why it is important not to use more than the prescribed dose/frequency.


Should you have stubborn stains and/or lime spots which are hard to remove, or any queries and/or remarks on your Cinzento Custom Made® floor, please contact your Cinzento Custom Made® parquet specialist. Looking for a parquet specialist in your area? Please leave your contact details, and we shall put you in touch with the nearest flooring specialist.

Maintenance set wooden floor | Cinzento Custom Made®