Staircase renovation

Is it time to replace your stairsteps or are you just curious about the possibilities of a staircase renovation? We’d like to help you. The possibilities are endless with Cinzento Custom Made®.

Wooden staircase renovation

Staircase renovation multi-layer

Just like a Cinzento Custom Made® wooden floor you are able to choose different nature/gradings for your stair renovation. You have the choice between a rustic oak or a 1-bis grading. We are able to oil, burn, stain, brush and smoke the stairsteps. So you have the possibility, with Cinzento Custom Made®, to choose the same treatment and grading for your staircase as for your wooden floor. Also all our staircases are provided with the 100% Pure Wood label.



Besides that, you are able to add some extra safety to your stairs. You can do this by adding an anti-slip strip in the steps. The anti-slip strips are available in two variants: a rubber or a stainless steel one.


Are your curious about the opportunities? Please let us know by filling in the contract form.

Solid stair steps

In addition to renovating your staircase with multi-layer wooden steps, Cinzento Custom Made® also offers you the option of having solid wooden steps installed. These steps are made of 40 mm thick composite solid oak planks.