Let your deam floor come to life at Cinzento Custom Made®. Our expertise lies in crafting beautiful European oak floors, always focusing on your personal requirements.

With a wide range of treatments, which can be combined, almost anything is possible. Let your creativity run wild and create your unique wooden floor.

Below is an overview of our treatments, each with their own character and appearance:


Our oil treatments not only add a deep, rich colour to your floor, but also offer protection and durability. Almost any colour shade is possible to match your wooden floor exactly to your interior.


If you are looking for a finish that protects against wear and scratches, our varnish finish is a good choice. Also, compared to other finishes, a varnished wooden floor is slightly easier to maintain. Varnishing can also be combined with oiling to give the floor a certain colour.


By smoking the wooden planks, the tone becomes deeper and the colour brown-greyer. Colour nuances that give the floor a warm, natural look become more apparent. The longer and more intense the oak is smoked, the deeper the colour tone.


Staining adds a subtle colour effect to your floor, creating a unique colour tone. By combining this with colour oils, we can achieve striking white or deep black wooden floors.


Burning the wooden floor gives it a deep dark brown to black colour. After this treatment, the wooden floor can be finished with colour oil, giving it a unique look.


The natural character of European oak is characterised by its beautiful grain structure. By brushing the wood, we bring this structure to the front. You have control over the intensity of brushing. Light brushing results in a subtle texture, while heavier brushing provides the floor with a robust and rustic character.

Sawn marks

Sawn marks involves working the boards with a saw. The lines of the saw create a rough surface and give the boards a unique look.


Planing is done by machine, unlike hand planing. Planing the wooden floor makes the grain more visible, which creates a vivid effect. Dents or scratches are less noticeable on a planed wooden floor.

Hand planing

As the name suggests, this treatment involves hand-planing the wooden floor. This creates unevenness and looks as if the floor has been lived on for years. These unevennesses are larger with hand planing than with a machine-planed floor.


If you are looking for a distressed wooden floor with an authentic look and feel, ageing may be for you. This process gives the floor a number of bumps and dents. This gives the floor an aged look and also makes damage from use less noticeable.

Personalise your unique wooden floor

The treatments above can be applied to any of our wooden floors. This gives you complete freedom in putting together your dream floor.

Whether you choose a classic herringbone pattern, a contemporary wide plank or a refined chevron, our treatments will match any chosen pattern. So you get a result that perfectly suits your taste and lifestyle.

Curious about what patterns are available? Then visit our wooden floors page, where you will find a selection of our laying patterns.