A herringbone floor, a timeless pattern seamlessly fitting into various interior styles, is a popular choice for new-build homes, apartments, and farms. At Cinzento, we understand that your floor is an essential part of your living space. Therefore, you can have your exclusive wooden herringbone floor custom-made by us.

Made to

We have the capability to bring your dream floor to life down to the smallest details. The finishing process of the wooden floor is entirely under our control.

With an eye for craftsmanship and quality, we ensure that your herringbone floor is not only aesthetically appealing but also durable and functional.

Herringbone with frame and strip: A stylish twist

Add a touch of luxury to your wooden herringbone floor by choosing a floor with a frame and strip. The frame, elegantly placed along the wall, frames the herringbone floor. Meanwhile, the strip, a dark line, creates a subtle contrast between the border and the floor itself.

Discover the versatility of our herringbone floors

Explore our inspiring collection of oak wooden herringbone floors laid in various interior styles below. Each project is a unique expression of style and craftsmanship. Take a look at some of our realized dream floors worldwide and be inspired for your own space.

Sustainability and environmental Awareness

At Cinzento Custom Made®, we are committed to sustainability and responsible forest management, which is why our wooden floors are FSC® certified. Our herringbone floors are crafted with great care, with special attention to the environment. By choosing our floors, you contribute not only to the aesthetics of your space but also to promoting a greener future. Healthy Home encompasses everything related to the sustainability of wooden floors.

Discover the timeless elegance of our herringbone floors, and let our Cinzento dealers be your guides. Contact them for expert advice and explore the possibilities for a floor that perfectly suits your style and needs.

Our Projects

We choose only the best and our easy-care wooden floors will last a lifetime.

Below you will see a few exclusive wooden herringbone floors, realized by us.

Inspiration brochure

Looking for more inspiration on wooden floors or staircase renovation? Or curious about our new Healthy Home concept?

Then take a quick look at our latest inspiration brochure. Here you will find more information about wooden floors, Healthy Home but also exclusive project photos.