Is your staircase in need of a makeover or are you curious about the possibilities for staircase renovation? At Cinzento Custom Made® we offer endless possibilitiesto transform your staircase. Explore below some examples of our craftsmanship and let your staircase harmonize with your Cinzento wooden floor.

Your custom

Just like with our custom-made wooden floors, at Cinzento Custom Made®, you can choose from various selections for your staircase renovation. Whether it’s a rustic oak plank or a 1-bis plank, your staircase receives the same high-quality treatment as your floor. Select from various finishes such as oiling, burning, staining, brushing, or smoking. Our staircase elements are crafted from 100% Pure Wood, representing unparalleled quality.


Safety is a top priority at Cinzento. Personalize your staircase by opting for additional safety features, such as integrated anti-slip strips. Choose a rubber anti-slip strip for a classic look or go for a modern aesthetic with a stainless steel anti-slip strip. Our staircases combine style and safety for a sustainable result.

Curious about the possibilities? Visit one of our official Cinzento dealers. They are ready to assist you in customizing your staircase. Discover your nearest dealer here.

Solid wooden stair elements

In addition to renovating with wooden overlay treads, Cinzento Custom Made® also offers the option to install solid wooden stair elements. These treads, made from 40 mm thick composite solid oak planks, give your staircase a sturdy and timeless appearance. Let your staircase make a statement with this unique and sustainable solution.

Explore the versatility of Cinzento Custom Made® and give your staircase the attention it deserves. Contact one of our dealers today for a personalized and obligation-free consultation.

Our Projects

Our low-maintenance wooden floors and stairs are durable by nature and will last a lifetime.

Below are some exclusive wooden floors and stairs we have realized.

Inspiration brochure

Looking for more inspiration on wooden floors or staircase renovation? Or curious about our new Healthy Home concept?

Then take a quick look at our latest inspiration brochure. Here you will find more information about wooden floors, Healthy Home but also exclusive project photos.