Healthy Home

Did you know that wood is healthy and durable by nature? That a wooden floor in your home can create a healthy living environment? This is new information for many people, while wood in the home actually contributes to better health.

Healthy Home covers all issues related to the health and sustainability of a wooden floor.

Wood can create a healthy living environment

We spend 80 to 90 % of our lives in enclosed spaces, where we inhale all kinds of substances. These substances include harmful substances. It is important for our health to minimize our intake of these, something a wooden floor can help with.

Wood is durable by nature

There are various reasons why wood, and therefore wooden floors are durable. For example, it has a very long lifespan, as a wooden floor from Cinzento Custom Made® can last for decades. This can be further extended by having the floor sanded and refinished.

100% Pure Wood

Wooden floors by Cinzento Custom Made® are only made from the highest quality wood. In addition, we can guarantee that the wood does not come from mass production but has been carefully treated and checked at various points in the process.


Almost all our wooden floors are FSC®-certified. With this certification, FSC® guarantees that the wood has been sustainably produced.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainable entrepreneurship is now more important than ever. Therefore Cinzento Custom Made® also produces its exclusive wooden floors sustainably.

For example, the roof of our company building is full of solar panels. This makes us self-sufficient in electricity and allows us to produce in a CO²-neutral way which largely impacts our carbon footprint.