Cinzento Custom Made® is a premium brand for exclusive wood floors.
We produce that one unique wood floor that matches your exact wishes.

The brand for exclusive wooden floors

We invite you to design the perfect floor of your dreams. Based in the Netherlands, we are known for our custom-made wooden floors of unparalleled quality. Every aspect of the process, from enquiry to design and finishing, is carefully carried out domestically.

Our expertise lies in crafting beautiful oak floors, with your personal requirements always at the heart of the process. With full control over the finishing process, we can realise every detail of your dream floor.

Cinzento Custom Made® stretches all over the world, where we have had the pleasure of realising countless dream floors. From warm, rustic designs to modern, sleek styles, there is always a wooden floor that perfectly suits your taste and lifestyle. Be inspired by our projects.

Cinzento Custom Made is committed to sustainable forest management and the protection of our forests. That’s why most of our wooden floors are FSC® certified, which means they come from responsibly managed forests. By choosing our FSC®-certified floors, you contribute to the conservation of forests around the world and reduce your ecological footprint.

With Cinzento Custom Made, you are not only choosing a beautiful wooden floor, but also a healthier living environment for your home. Our Healthy Home philosophy is rooted in the belief that your home should be an oasis of well-being and sustainability, and our wooden floors are the perfect starting point for this journey. Experience the natural beauty, the purity of 100% Pure Wood and the peace of mind of FSC® certification at Cinzento Custom Made, and bring health and sustainability to your home.