At Cinzento Custom Made®, we blend craftsmanship and sustainability to craft the most exquisite wooden plank floors. Our wooden plank floors are not only floor coverings; they represent a timeless statement of style and elegance in any interior.

Modern &

The plank pattern is not just a flooring layout; it’s a timeless choice that embraces modernity. At Cinzento, we understand the timeless allure of this pattern, offering you the opportunity to transform your space with a floor that is both contemporary and classic.

We create your sustainable dream floor

At Cinzento Custom Made®, each plank floor is a unique masterpiece, crafted specifically to your desires. Our floors are made from 100% Pure Wood, utilizing only the highest quality timber. Sustainability is at the forefront of our values, with a significant portion of our products being FSC®-certified, sourced from responsibly managed forests. Learn more about the health and sustainability of wooden floors here.

Endless possibilities for your plank floor

The possibilities for your wooden plank floor at Cinzento Custom Made® are truly endless. Choose from various thicknesses, widths, grades, and treatments to create a floor that perfectly complements your style and needs. Visit our Cinzento dealers, and they will assist you in finding the wooden floor that fully meets your requirements.

Our Projects

Our low-maintenance wooden floors are durable by nature and will last a lifetime.

Below you can see a few exclusive wooden plank floors we have installed.

Inspiration brochure

Looking for more inspiration on wooden floors or staircase renovation? Or curious about our new Healthy Home concept?

Then take a quick look at our latest inspiration brochure. Here you will find more information about wooden floors, Healthy Home but also exclusive project photos.