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Would you like to know more about wooden floors? For instance, whether a wooden floor is suitable in combination with underfloor heating? Or whether wooden floors are environmentally friendly? You can read this information in the articles on the right.


To keep you informed about the latest news of Cinzento Custom Made® and wooden floors, we write several articles. 


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Advantages of a wooden floor:

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Little wear during intensive use, giving it a long life. In addition, wood can easily be reworked/coloured after sanding.

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Suitable for underfloor heating

A wooden floor is very suitable to be installed in combination with underfloor heating. Visit the underfloor heating page for more information.

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A timeless character in both classic and modern design. Through various types of wood, colors and laying patterns it can be matched to almost any interior.

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Warm material with an authentic and unique look. It also provides comfort, warmth and a healthy indoor climate.

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Simple maintenance

Wood is easy to clean an maintain, provided the good products are used. For more information, check out our maintenance page.

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Environmentally conscious

Wood is a natural material and its production process has less environmental impact than synthetic materials. Almost all of our products are FSC®-certified and come from responsible forest management.