Explore the versatile world of wooden floors with various laying patterns that go beyond traditional planks, herringbone, and Hungarian point. At Cinzento, we offer a range of unique patterns to meet diverse style preferences.

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At Cinzento Custom Made®, we strive to fulfill all your desires. With our expertise, you can customize any wooden floor to your personal preference.

Choose from options such as oiling, staining, burning, and/or brushing to create a wooden floor that perfectly aligns with your vision. Afterward, you can also select from endless patterns in which the floor can be laid

Versailles pattern: Royal elegance

The Versailles pattern, named after the iconic Palace of Versailles in France, exudes a traditional and luxurious ambiance. Square panels, composed of wooden planks arranged in a refined braided pattern, are surrounded by additional planks. This pattern can be laid in various ways, including the Versailles, Renaissance, Castle, and Chantilly patterns, providing flexibility to meet specific design preferences.

Vienna Point pattern: Subtle and seren

The Vienna point pattern is a sophisticated choice where planks are laid at a 60-degree angle. Same as the Chevron pattern, only with herringbone planks. This creates a subtle visual effect that adds depth and elegance to the floor. Ideal for those seeking a tranquil, timeless, yet contemporary appearance.

Diagonal strips: Dynamic simplicity

A simple yet dynamic pattern emerges by laying the planks diagonally. This creates a visually interesting floor that uniquely accentuates the space. It’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate a floor with a playful twist.

Mansion Weave pattern: Classical luxury

The Mansion Weave pattern brings a sense of classic luxury and refinement to your space. This pattern consists of rectangular wooden planks arranged in an elegant woven pattern. The Mansion Weave pattern creates a rich texture and dynamic visual appeal, ideal for both traditional and modern interiors.

3D Cube pattern: Innovative depth

For those looking for an innovative and eye-catching flooring option, the 3D Cube pattern will offer a fascinating solution. This pattern plays with optical illusion by placing wooden planks in such a way to create a three-dimensional cube effect. The result is a floor that gives off depth and movement, perfect for bringing a unique and modern feel to your space

Endless possibilities

At Cinzento, we understand that every space is unique. Therefore, we offer customization options for all our patterns, allowing you to create the perfect wooden floor that aligns with your specific taste and style.

Discover the endless possibilities of wooden floors in various patterns at Cinzento. Create a timeless, elegant, and unique atmosphere in your space with our high-quality wooden floors. Let your Cinzento dealer guide you further in choosing a pattern.

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