Underfloor heating in combination with a wooden floor

Underfloor heating under a wooden floor?

The market shows, that the subject of floor heating is causing some controversy. Almost daily our Cinzento dealers get the question: ‘Can a wooden floor be installed in combination with floor heating?

"When you choose a wood floor from Cinzento Custom Made, that is no problem!"

Underfloor heating

A wood floor combined with underfloor heating is a perfect combination.

When you glue wood (parquet) directly to a floor with underfloor heating, this combination provides a very comfortable and energy-saving form of heating.

Underfloor cooling

Many new buildings these days are fitted with underfloor heating in combination with underfloor cooling. This combination is also suitable for a wood floor.

Underfloor cooling has the opposite effect than underfloor heating. The system in the floor construction is filled with water, which has a minimum temperature of 18°C.

"With a wooden floor installed on underfloor heating, you will maintain good efficiency."

By choosing a wooden floor on underfloor heating, you maintain high efficiency. By doing so, you are being sustainable and environmentally conscious.

What type of wood is suitable for underfloor heating?

Not all wood types are necessarily suitable for on underfloor heating. Consider, for example, the wood types beech and jatoba. Oak is perfectly suited for underfloor heating. Cinzento Custom Made® uses mainly wooden floors made of oak.

Where in the past mainly solid floors were sold with a high heat resistance coefficient, nowadays mainly an oak multilayer layer product with a low heat resistance coefficient is chosen. This, combined with direct glueing, makes a wooden floor suitable for installation in combination with floor heating.

This makes the combination of a Cinzento Custom Made® wood floor with underfloor heating no problem.

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What types of floor heating systems are suitable for wood floors?

There are many types of underfloor heating systems. Below you will find a clear overview of which underfloor heating systems are suitable for a wooden floor:

Traditional floor heating:

In this system, the pipes lie on the concrete floor and are covered by a finishing floor.

Dry Construction:

In the case of a dry-construcion underfloor heating system, the system is laid on top of the existing floor (wood, concrete, sand cement).

Milled in with water pipes:

Grooves are milled into the existing screed (cement, anhydrite or Fermacell). This is where the water pipes are installed.

At all times, consult a flooring specialist and/or an underfloor heating specialist

Underfloor heating​ flyer

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