Underfloor heating

A wooden floor on top of floor heating? It is possible!

The market shows, that the subject of floor heating is causing some controversy. Almost daily we get this question: 'Can a wooden floor be installed with combination with floor heating? The answer is yes, it is possible!


Why a wooden floor can be installed with floor heating?

 It is true that, for example, a tile or PVC floor heats up faster than a wooden floor. However, these floors also release the heat faster, while a wooden floor holds the heat longer. Where in the past mainly solid floors were sold with a high heat resistance coefficient, nowadays mainly an oak multilayer layer product with a low heat resistance coefficient is chosen. This, combined with direct glueing, makes a wooden floor suitable for installation in combination with floor heating.

Image heat resistance coefficient wooden floor


Also the modern herringbone floors are nowadays built as a multilayer product. This means that just like planks floors also the herringbone floors can be installed in combination with floor heating. Installing a wooden floor on underfloor heating is therefore craftsmanship.


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