Maintenance wooden floor


It is important to maintain your Cinzento Custom Made® floor properly. Many people think that wooden floors require a lot of maintenance. This is actually not true. The floor only needs to be mopped once every 3-4 sessions with Cinzento soap. However, it is important that your Cinzento Custom Made® floor is maintained with the correct products. That is why we offer tailor-made Cinzento Custom Made® maintenance products. 

Our products are easy to use and ensure that your Cinzento Custom Made® floor lasts a lifetime.

Use Cinzento maintenance products

We recommend cleaning your floor with water and Cinzento Soap at a maximum of once every two weeks. On other days, the floor should only be dry-cleaned (vacuuming, swiffer, etc.). Daily cleaning with water and soap is not recommended.

To clean the floor use maximum 50ml Cinzento Soap in 10 litres of water (this is a full bucket). Using too much soap creates a soft film on the floor, which will attract ever more dirt. That is why it is important not to use more than the prescribed dose/frequency.

Would you like to purchase one or more of the Cinzento Custom Made® maintenance products? Visit a Cinzento dealer in your area, every dealer can help you acquire the Cinzento Custom Made® maintenance products.

Maintenance wooden floor

Maintenance problems?

Do you have stubborn stains and/or chalk marks that you can’t get clean? Or do you have questions and/or remarks about your Cinzento Custom Made® floor? If so, you can always contact a Cinzento dealer or your parquet specialist.

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