Smoked & white oiled floor





Smoked & white oiled floor

One of our dealers has laid a beautiful Cinzento Custom Made® plank floor in this house. Because the residents chose Cinzento, they were able to compose the floor completely according to their own wishes. In this case, they opted for a smoked and white oiled plank floor. Oiling the floor makes it more resistant to intensive use. If the floor is also maintained well, it will last a lifetime. The client also had the option of ageing, brushing or varnishing the floor.

Why a wooden floor?

The love for oak parquet floors is centuries old, in the past these floors were mainly laid in palaces, mansions or stately canal houses. What is so beautiful about an oak wooden floor? An oak parquet floor lives, the design and look of a floor board is not the same. From a dark oak floor to a white oiled floor, from a robust sorting with many knots to a floor with a quiet sorting and minimal knots. From plank floors to herringbone floors, anything is possible. The structure of a wooden floor, the knots and the appearance provide a natural and luxurious atmosphere in your home.

Cinzento Custom Made®

Are you looking for something unique? Compose your own floor! The oak wood floors of Cinzento Custom Made® are custom-made products, which means that you can combine different treatments with each other. In addition, you can also choose from different wood gradings. This way you will get an exclusive oak wood floor!

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