Smoked wood floor Woodlook Stain & Oil





Smoked wood floor Woodlook Stain & Oil

The home of this beautiful project is located in the east of the Netherlands. In this renovated farmhouse, the many wooden accents immediately catch the eye. Thus, the beautiful wooden beams attract immediate attention. A striking wooden kitchen with an island was also chosen. The rustic wooden floor by Cinzento Custom Made® fits in perfectly and gives the home a stylish look. Wood brings nature into the home and this has clearly succeeded in this home.

The wood floor has a rustic look because rustic A/B grading was chosen. There are more knots and colour differences on this grading, making the floor more eye-catching. The floor was first smoked, giving it a slightly darker colour, then treated with Woodlook Stain & Oil. The thickness of the 3-layer floor is 12mm, and the length of the boards is 220mm.

Cinzento Custom Made® wood floors are ideally suited for underfloor heating. When wood (parquet) is glued directly to a floor with underfloor heating, this combination makes for a very comfortable and energy-saving form of heating.

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