Solid herringbone floor
Solid herringbone floor





Solid herringbone floor

For this restaurant we have produced a 9 mm solid oak herringbone floor. This floor is completely custom made to the wishes of the customer. This floor has a robust appearance. The advantage of a wooden floor is that this herringbone with time and intensive use gets more and more character. 

In addition, the floor has been installed with a border around the herringbone pattern, which is shown in the last picture.

100% Pure Wood

If you choose this solid herringbone floor, you are sure of a good quality. A wooden floor is not only pleasant in terms of ambiance, but is also an investment that is worth the money. With the right maintenance, a wooden floor can last a lifetime. And is an advantage when selling the property in question.

With this label we can guarantee that the floor in question does not originate from mass production. The floor it been carefully treated and checked at various points in the process. Our floors are therefore a quality product.

FSC® Certified

We want the best for the environment. That is why almost all of our products are FSC®-certified and come from responsible forestry. With responsible forest management, the FSC® aims to protect the environment and is committed to the local population.

Are you curious about the possibilities of a wooden herringbone floor? Visit the herringbone page. Here you can find several examples and discover which floor best suits your interior. 

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