100% -Pure-Wood

The label for wooden floors

100% Pure Wood

If you choose a product with the 100% Pure Wood label, you are sure of a good quality. A wooden floor is not only pleasant in terms of ambiance, but is also an investment that is worth the money. With the right maintenance, a wooden floor can last a lifetime and is an advantage when selling the property in question.

With this label we can guarantee that the floor in question does not originate from mass production, but that it has been carefully treated and checked at various points in the process. Our floors are therefore a quality product.


Wood is a raw material that has been an important link in our existence for many years. We use it to build, communicate, travel, as fuel, for decoration and all kinds of other applications.

A wooden floor forms a lively, timeless and atmospheric basis for every interior. It is a warm material that is strong and easy to maintain. It is available in almost all shapes and sizes and with the current technology available in almost every desired color. In addition, the wood can be processed in various ways, giving it a unique appearance.

FSC® certified products

We are determined to do the best we can for the environment. That’s why almost all of our products are FSC®-certified and are obtained from responsible forest management. With responsible forest management, the FSC® aims to protect habitat and is committed to helping local people. A well-managed forest is therefore at less risk of being cut down for other purposes, such as the establishment of palm oil or soy fields and mining.

By using FSC®-certified products, you are therefore contributing to the global protection of forests and a healthy living environment for people and animals.

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Environmentally conscious choice

If you see our ‘100% Pure Wood’ label, you make an eco-friendly choice. The wood used comes from a well-managed forest. In addition, a wooden floor is a conscious choice, because it uses significantly less energy to produce and process than other floor materials. Wood can also be recycled in several ways. Nowadays, a lot of old wood is recovered and reused and can eventually be used to generate energy.

0% VOC

We use oil in our process to colour and protect the wood. Here too, we make an eco-friendly choice by using Rubio Monocoat. Thanks to their technology, the wood can be coloured and protected in one single layer. This is due to the molecular bonding that the oil establishes with the wood fibers. Rubio Monocoat oil also contains no water or solvents. This is indicated by a VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) percentage, which stands for Rubio Monocoat at 0%. This makes the products safe for both the user and his environment.