Brushed oak floor
Brushed oak floor





Brushed oak floor

This oak rustic A/B Dual Parquet® floor looks well with the mint green walls of this house. Besides the fact that this oak floor has a rustic A/B grading, the floor is also brushed as desired. Because this Cinzento Custom Made® floor is brushed, it emphasizes the natural character of the wood.

Because of the Cinzento Custom Made® program, the possibilities are endless. For example, the brushed oak floor is also treated with an oil, in the colour Sky Grey, so that the floor is easy to maintain and this also protects the floor well against moisture.

Staircase renovation:

In addition to the floor, the stair steps can also be covered with Cinzento Custom Made®. By covering the stairs steps with the same oak wood and treatment as the floor in the living room and hallway, it becomes a beautiful unity.

Underfloor heating

A wood floor combined with underfloor heating is a perfect combination. When you glue wood (parquet) directly to a floor with underfloor heating, this combination provides a very comfortable and energy-saving form of heating.

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