Herringbone 15 mm smoked

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Herringbone 15 mm smoked

For this project we used a herringbone floor smoked white oiled 15 mm oak dual plank. We finished this floor with our Cinzento Custom Made® program according to the customer’s wishes.

A dual floor means that the structure consists of an 11 mm birch underlayer and a 4 mm oak top layer. The advantage of a dual layer is that the floor has minimal movement, making it a very stable product.

The chosen floor has a rustic A/B grading, is smoked as desired and we have oiled it white. This makes the floor hardwearing and easy to maintain.

Besides the custom made floor, the staircase has also been treated custom made. Check out the possibilities of stair renovation here.

100% Pure Wood label

This 15 mm herringbone smoked floor complies the 100% Pure Wood label. With the 100% Pure Wood label, we can guarantee that the floor in question is not the result of mass production, but that it has been carefully treated and checked at various points in the process. Our exclusive wooden floors are therefore a quality product.

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