Herringbone floor in luxury villa
Herringbone floor in luxury villa





Herringbone floor in luxury villa

This luxury villa has a custom wooden herringbone floor from Cinzento Custom Made®. This floor is completely white oiled, according to the wishes of the residents.

The advantage you have with Cinzento Custom Made® is that we can treat both the floor and the staircase to your wishes. In this villa, the herringbone floor on the ground floor, the staircase and the plank floor on the second floor have the same treatment.

There is a border around this herringbone floor in the luxury villa. This is the frame that can be placed around the herringbone, against the wall. This gives a beautiful and exclusive look to the floor.

Underfloor heating:

A wood floor combined with underfloor heating is a perfect combination.

When you glue wood (parquet) directly to a floor with underfloor heating, this combination provides a very comfortable and energy-saving form of heating.


We are determined to do the best we can for the environment. That’s why almost all of our products are FSC®-certified and are obtained from responsible forest management. With responsible forest management, the FSC® aims to protect habitat and is committed to helping local people. A well-managed forest is therefore at less risk of being cut down for other purposes. Such as the establishment of palm oil or soy fields and mining.

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