Herringbone floor with underfloor heating

Herringbone floor with underfloor heating





Herringbone floor with underfloor heating

This beautiful home features an oak herringbone floor from Cinzento Custom Made®. Our Cinzento dealers still receive daily the question whether a wooden herringbone floor is suitable for underfloor heating. With a Cinzento floor, this is not a problem! Gluing the wood directly to the floor provides a very comfortable and energy-saving form of heating. 

The wooden herringbone floors from Cinzento consist mainly of oak. Oak is ideally suited for underfloor heating. Not all wood types are necessarily suitable for underfloor heating. Think for example of the wood species beech and jatoba. 

Where in the past mainly solid floors were sold with a high heat resistance coefficient, nowadays mainly an oak multilayer layer product with a low heat resistance coefficient is chosen. This, combined with direct glueing, makes a herringbone floor suitable for installation in combination with underfloor heating.

Underfloor cooling:

Many new buildings these days are fitted with underfloor heating in combination with underfloor cooling. This combination is also suitable for a wood floor.

Would you like to learn more about wooden floors in combination with underfloor heating you can always feel free to view our underfloor heating page.

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