Oak floor in a modern Swiss villa





Oak floor in a modern Swiss villa

Welcome to this beautiful modern Swiss villa, where design and craftsmanship come together in perfect harmony. In this breathtaking home, an oak plank floor by Cinzento Custom Made® shines as the centrepiece.

The wooden plank floor breathes refined rusticness. The deep brushing brings out the natural texture, while the oil in colour Cinzento 7000 makes the wood shine. 

This floor is made to last a lifetime. With carefully selected oak planks and a high-quality finish, the floor embodies durability and timeless beauty. Thanks to the (colour) oil, maintaining this floor is a breeze. The wood retains its shine and quality even after years of use.

Notice how the floor blends seamlessly into the staircase. This is because the residents chose the same treatment and finish for the stairs as the floor. This creates visual consistency throughout the house, taking the villa’s aesthetics to the next level.

Curious about the possibilities?

This modern Swiss villa combines beauty, durability and craftsmanship. If you are inspired by these beautiful project pictures, do not hesitate to contact our dealers. They will be happy to help you realise your dream home by choosing the right wooden floor and/or staircase.

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