Plank floor smoked

Plank floor smoked





Plank floor smoked

Plank floor smoked 

A beautiful rustic core smoked plank floor was installed in this home. Smoked wood floors add an extra atmosphere to any home. It’s the way to bring out the color in oak. This gives the floor a warm and natural look. The smoking process makes each plank look slightly different, creating a beautiful blend of light and dark planks. These planks for this project are core smoked which creates an extra dark color.

At Cinzento Custom Made®, you have the choice of endless variations for a plank floor. The core smoked plank floors from Cinzento Custom Made® are made from oak. All of these floors meet the 100% Pure Wood label and are suitable for underfloor heating and floor cooling.


In addition to the Cinzento Custom Made® floor specially treated for you, we also have customized maintenance products. Our products are easy to apply and ensure the right maintenance of your exclusive wooden floor.

Are you curious about all the possibilities of a Cinzento Custom Made® wooden floor? Then feel free to visit one of our Cinzento dealers in your area! Our dealers are located throughout the country and will be happy to help you, contact us!

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