How to maintain an oiled wooden floor?


We recommend to dry-clean your Cinzento Custom Made® floor regularly (vacuuming, swiffer, etc.) and to damp-clean at most once every 2 weeks. For wet wiping, we recommend using Cinzento Custom Made® Soap no more than once every 4 mopping cycles. Daily cleaning with water and soap is not recommended.

To clean the floor, use a maximum of 50 ml of Cinzento Custom Made® Soap to 10 litres of water (note: this is a full bucket). If too much soap is used, a soft layer will form on the floor which will absorb even more dirt. So do not use more than the prescribed dose/frequency.

  • Only dry clean the newly oiled floor for the first two weeks.
  • Preferably mop the floor with two buckets of water. One bucket with tepid water and Cinzento Custom Made® Soap and one bucket with cold water (where all the dirt is collected). 
  • Use as little water as possible and certainly do not let any water remain on the wooden floor. Make sure there is adequate ventilation during drying.
  • Do not use aggressive cleaning agents. Also avoid using other chemicals, such as chlorine, white spirit, etc. If such substances come into contact with the floor, damage to the oil layer may occur.


To locally refresh your floor, you can use Cinzento Custom Made® Refresh ECO. Cinzento Custom Made® Refresh ECO is colourless and can be applied to any coloured floor.

  1. Use only a slightly damp cloth to clear away all dirt and dust from the floor. Let the floor dry. Spray Cinzento Custom Made® Refresh ECO on the surface and rub it in with a lint-free cloth (microfiber cloth).
  2. Use very little Cinzento Custom Made® Refresh ECO to avoid the floor from becoming sticky. About 40-50 m² can be covered with 0.5 litres. Leave the product to soak in for several minutes. Rub the treated area with a lint-free cloth.
  3. We recommend not treating overly large areas at once, so that they can be polished dry within a few minutes. No more circles or streaks may be visible.
  4. Can be walked on after +/- 1 hour in well-ventilated areas.
  5. For any damage where the colour needs to be restored is 100ml base oil and a hand pad included.
  6. Cinzento Custom Made® maintenance products naturally have a matte appearance. If desired, we can also deliver shiny products.

Cinzento maintenance products

Use Cinzento Custom Made® maintenance products for the best maintenance of your Wooden floor. They contain a clear description, are easy to use and provide the necessary maintenance for your Wooden floor. A Cinzento maintenance package contains:

  • Cinzento Custom Made® soap (1ltr)
  • Cinzento Custom Made® refresh ECO (1ltr)
  • 100ml Cinzento Custom Made® (colour) oil (1ltr)
  • Cinzento Custom Made® handpad with handpad holder
  • Maintenance advice for oiled wooden floors

Our Cinzento Custom Made® maintenance products are available at all Cinzento dealers.

Maintenance wooden floor

Maintenance issues?

Do you have stubborn stains and/or chalk spots that you can’t get clean? Or do you have questions and/or comments about your Cinzento Custom Made® floor? If so, you can always contact a Cinzento dealer or your parquet specialist.

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