Oak Chevron Floor

oak Chevron Floor





Oak Chevron Floor

In this house, an oak floor was laid as a Chevron by one of our Cinzento dealers. This floor is oiled and smoked. In this newly built house is underfloor heating in combination with underfloor cooling installed. This Cinzento floor is made of two layers and specially suited for underfloor heating. This combination provides a very comfortable and energy-saving form of heating.

What is the difference between a herringbone floor and a Chevron?

The difference between a herringbone and a Chevron is mainly in the way it is installed. With a herringbone floor the planks are laid at right angles to each other and the grooves are stepped. This type of laying was previously mainly used in luxury mansions. Nowadays this form of laying is very popular again, see here some projects we have realized. 

With an Oak Chevron Floor the upper part of the planks connect to each other. In addition, a Chevron has a tighter line than a herringbone parquet floor, because the ends of the planks are sawn at an angle. This creates extra depth in the floor. 

Oak Chevron 45 degrees

A Chevron also has the same luxurious look and feel as a herringbone, except that the planks are cut at an angle of 45 or 45 degrees. 

Curious about the possibilities?

With Cinzento Custom Made® we can produce the exact Chevron floor you would like. Are you looking for a different grading or a different color?  Feel free to visit one of our Cinzento dealers in your area. They can tell you all about the possibilities and will be happy to help. Visit the contact page and we will be happy to help you. 

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